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DC- hot water sterilization device

DC- hot water sterilization device
Product name : DC- hot water sterilization device
Item : B79
Details :

DC- hot water sterilization device is applicable to bottled, canned food two sterilization equipment, from the process tank, hot water tank, a pump and a connecting pipe, PLC and touch screen is composed of an automatic control system. High temperature high-pressure hot water for a variety of food rapid high-temperature sterilization, food equipment in succession in turn slowly, making it even more rapid delivery, shorten the time of sterilization process, so as to achieve high-temperature short-time sterilization. At the same time, can avoid overheating around food. Temperature control system can be flexibly according to the characteristics of different packages for automatic control, pressure control system with standard patterns automatically adjust the pressure, according to the different situation, the pressure is positive, to prevent the deformation of the container and breakage, improve the rate of finished products is very favorable. At the same time, through the T-t, P-t curves analysis inspection, can be effective for production and quality management.

DC- hot water sterilization device not only can be used for a variety of beverages, food sterilization, and it is especially suitable for high viscosity and high capacity of the products. For example: eight-treasure porridge, meat, canned meat, canned fish, rice and other products.

DC- hot water sterilization device applicable scope: canned, bottled, cooking bags and other plastic.

DC- hot water sterilization device which is the general domestic production and sterilization device manufacturers are not and compare.

1, equipment of digestion and absorption of foreign most advanced high-pressure sterilization device of advanced technology, combined with China's national conditions and development, with high technology, advanced technology, product stability and practicality etc..

In 2, the main components used in stainless steel, with food hygiene requirements, strong corrosion resistance, long service life of the equipment, and equipment by the Bureau of labor safety inspection, safe and reliable protective device.

3, good sterilization effect. The food is heated in the sterilization process, the microorganism in food will have different changes, some may be eliminated, some may be destroyed, it is not a good phenomenon. At the same time, the food itself quality, nutritional ingredients and packaging design will also change, it is a good phenomenon. Food pasteurization is the biggest purpose is to kill pathogenic bacteria, produce toadstool, and make the food itself should only be subjected to minimal effect, short time and high temperature sterilization method can achieve the goal of completely. The sterilization device is precisely have this kind of function.

4, using steam as the heating medium, medium hot water sterilization, the sterilization process is more uniform short.

In 5, heating time is short, full process canned goods containing water is about 5M3, the water to the capacity need time 3.1 minutes. Due to injection of hot water temperature is very high, and heated to rise to the scheduled temperature with time is very short, in addition, freight car in the tank of continuous rotary, accelerate heat conduction velocity, but also shortened the heating time.

6, uniform heating and cooling. Whether heating or cooling process, the highest requirements is the process tank without uneven phenomenon, namely, uniform heating or cooling.

7, adopts Siemens PLC, automatic program control.

The set of equipment is in control, selection of programmable controller to implement the entire process automatic control.

temperature control: in the setting value, temperature display error of ± 0.5, it can guarantee the uniform heating.

The pressure control: in the setting value, pressure display error of ± 0.01㎏ /cm2, to prevent food of inferior quality packaging deformation, breakage is very useful.

The liquid level control: This set of equipment in the hot water tank is equipped with three electrodes, the craft pot with two electrodes. It can control the liquid level within the container, when the water reaches a predetermined water level, can automatically stop a pump or pump clearance, and emits a signal or into the next procedure.

The project: in the heating and cooling process, have time of a predetermined value. It consists of time controller to perform, tank water temperature and pressure by steam, compressed air and other components to control the time controller. It does not appear error. So, according to different products of different needs, as long as the set project needs time, temperature and pressure, directly using the touch screen corresponding to the digital input picture input data.

8, alarm, this set of equipment in the three case can ring.

in the hot water tank water to reach the highest level, the bulletin, and timely and connected to the internal drainage valve is automatically opened, drainage, fault elimination, recovery equipment automatic operation.

The preparation phase is completed, the bell alert operating personnel can be transferred to the next step of the process work.

sterilization program end, bell bulletin, artificial drive corresponding electrical switches, so that the stop rod quit working state, open the pot gate discharge.

In 9, a power failure protection, when the equipment during the operation of the sudden power failure, can also ensure that the machine in a safe state. Call later, can be manually actuated electrical switch, allows the device to continue running until the end of the program.

10, the use of a wide range, strong adaptability, due to the control element of the temperature or pressure adjustment range of relatively large, so, this set of equipment can be applied to various products sterilization. In addition, all programs not only can the automatic control, can also be run manually operated, namely artificial actuated electrical switch, control valves, motor input and withdrawal, and can test the single action.

In 11, running and movements, equipment operation state by touch screen indicator lights to display, device operation procedures by the touch screen the corresponding image that come out, make people for the process principle of stick out a mile.

12, special safety device. Pot door opening device, rotary, water injection and discharge, temperature, pressure container, liquid level control, from the security considered, in an unsafe state, equipment can not run.

13, energy saving, this set of equipment with:

The cooling water recycling capabilities, a cyclic production can save 10 tons of.

will end of high temperature hot water sterilization by pumping water tank, to be reused. This set of equipment and steam sterilization pot, a circulation production can save 50% of steam.

14, rotary body speed and positioning using frequency converter to realize the speed regulation, convenient, accurate positioning, small vibration.


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